How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Simple, Specific & Structured

Creating a quality resume can feel like a daunting task. But if you remember the 3 S's: Simple, Specific and Structured, it can help your resume stand out.


Unless if you are in a creative field, such as graphic design, keep your resume simple. Avoid pictures, graphics, different colored or hard-to-read font, or anything else which may take away from the content in your resume.


Make your resume specific to the position. 

  • Ensure your professional summary is directly applicable to the position 
  • Your resume includes keywords commonly used in the field, industry, or in the job posting itself
  • Your most relevant experience is easily accessible
  • The information presented illustrates why you are a good fit for this particular position 


A recommended resume structure includes:

  1. Name, Email, Phone Number and Town at the Top of the Page
  2. Brief Professional Summary
  3. Work Experience listed in reverse chronological order (most recent jobs listed first)
  4. Education completed or projected completion (if you are a recent grad/current student you may want to list your education prior to work experience)
  5. Other relevant information

In order to make the information easily accessible to the reader, use white space on the page to attract the reader's attention to the most applicable information. To do this, avoid long paragraphs, and instead, use bullet points.

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