The In-Person Interview

Dress The Part


You may be familiar with the advice "dress to impress". This gets it almost right. Instead, dress the part. For example, if you are a man working in manufacturing, a polo and khakis would leave a great impression. If you are a woman applying for a job in the C-Suite, then yes, bring out your best dress suit. Present yourself in the best possible light for the position.

Bring Copies of Your Resume


Do not make assumptions about anything in the job search process. To avoid any awkward shuffle at the beginning of an interview, bring a few copies of your resume in case you show up more prepared than the people conducting the interview (hopefully they will prepare interview questions before walking in the room).

Do Your Research


  • Know the Company- what they do, where they are located, employee reviews
  • Know the Position- re-read the job description; ask questions about what you are not clear on
  • Know Who You Are Interviewing With- do a Google Search, check out their company profile or social media pages, figure out what they do and how they interact with this position

Be Ready for Anything


Some interviews are straight forward, some are obscure. Do some behavioral interview prep, do your research, know your story, and be ready for anything that may come your way.

Arrive Early


Making a good first impression starts by arriving early. To minimize your stress, give yourself extra time for unexpected delays in your commute or getting lost. If you will be traveling a short distance to the interview, plan to arrive 15 minutes early. If you have to travel further for your interview, plan accordingly.

Come with Your Own Questions


As a candidate, this is your opportunity to ask the questions necessary to decide if this job is the right fit for you. Any questions you need answered to make this decision, do not leave until they have been discussed. The one exception may be salary (ask before going down this path).