Nailing The Phone Screen

Tip #1: Know Basics: Company & Position


Have a general understanding of the company, such as what they do, industry, possible competitors. Read, understand, and bring a company of job description to the call.

Tip #2: Know the Industry


Familiarize yourself with current industry buzzwords, metrics and standards. Being able to articulate your answers from an industry-wide perspective will help to show your potential value as an employee.

Tip #3: Know Your Story


Be able to tell a cohesive story about your professional experience. When telling your story, it is important to be positive when discussing previous employers and explanations for any potential gaps in work history.

Tip #4: Have Questions Prepared


Asking engaging questions can go a long way, not just to know if this is the right opportunity for you, but also to show the interviewer that you are a capable thinker and you've invested time in preparing for the interview.

Tip #5: Location to Succeed


Don't let issues with technology get in the way of your next job. Being in a place with a strong phone signal, minimal noise and limited distractions will let the interviewer focus on you.